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Commercial Convection Oven $275.00 
- Standard commercial-size convection ovens that have been converted from gas to propane and mounted onto 26" tall legs with casters.
- Both electric and 100lb propane tank (not included) are required for operation.
- Meas.
38"w x29"h x 36"d with 5 interior adjustable shelves measuring 20"w x 28"d.
- 110volts, 7amps
- max temp 500 degrees

*Because of the weight and size of this item, it cannot be picked up safely from our warehouse.  Standard delivery fees do apply.
Bakery Rack $50.00
- Measures 20.5"w x 85"h x26"d
Baking Sheet Tray $4.00
- Measures 18"w x 1"h x 26"d
Propane Stove $35.00
- Single burner 30,000BTU propane stove is perfect for stock pots.
- Measures 13"d x 26"h.
- Burns ~ 1.5lbs of propane per hour (not included)
Stock Pot $20.00
- 40 quart aluminum
NEW! Induction Cook Top $40.00
- Single burner 15,000 BTU electric cooktop.
- Measures 11.5  x 13 x 2.5in.
- Requires 100V 50x60Hz, 1PH, and consumes 1800W
- Features a digital display with push button controls, thermostatic control from 140-460 degrees F, and self detection of suitable cookware, dry boiling or over heating (with automatic shut off after alarm), cookware movement (alarm), and auto shut-off after 2 hours of non-use.
Charcoal, 20lb $15.00
Lighter Fluid, 1qt $6.00
Propane Tank, 20lb $35.00
Propane Tank, 100lb $145.00
Sterno Canned Fuel, 3oz
- Burns ~ 45 minutes.
Sterno Canned Fuel, 7oz
- Burns ~ 2 hours.


   Photo available

Charcoal Grill Kit
- Cooking surface measures 60"w x 24"d.
- Two 16lb bags of charcoal and 1qt lighter fluid included.
Charcoal Grill with Electric Rotisserie
- Rotisserie unit attaches over the charcoal grill without tools or fasteners.
- Spit can be raised and lowered in 1" increments from 13" to 24" above the charcoal bed. Motor driven spit turns 6 times per minute.
- Holds up to 100lbs of meat. 110volts, 1.4amps.
- Burn approximately 6lbs of propane per hour.
3' grill with cooking surface 33"w x 16"d
6' "Big John" with cooking surface 65"w x 16"d
- Thick flat surface. Perfect for eggs and pancakes.
- Burns approximately 6lbs of propane per hour.
3' Griddle with cooking surface 36"w x 23"d
6' Griddle with cooking surface 65"w x 23"d
Cambro Carrier Small, Insulated Hot/Cold Box
- With carrying handles.
- Exterior measures 17"w x 20"h x 24"d.
- Interior measures 13" w x 14"h x 21"d.
- Holds up to 4 full size rectangular food pans.
Cres Cor, Closed Door Non-Insulated Canned Fuel Cabinet
- Aluminum closed door Cres Cors are operated with Sterno canned fuel canisters, making them perfect for temporarily holding food temperatures when electricity is not available. Sheet trays can be used to create shelves for food pans. Sheet trays NOT included. Sterno canned fuel NOT included.
Standard or Swirled Finish
- Exterior measures 20"w x 58"h x 27"d.
- Interior measures 18"w x 51"h x 26"d. Minimum
- 30 slide spacers 1.5" apart (holds up to 30 sheet trays).
Cres Cor, Electric Non-Insulated Holding Cabinet
- Aluminum electric Cres Cors are perfect for temporarily holding food temperatures. Sheet trays can be used to create shelves for food pans. Sheet trays NOT included.
- Exterior measures 22"w x 71"h x 31"d.
- Interior measures 18"w x 58"h x 27"d.
- 12 slide spacers 4" apart
- 13amps, 120volts, 1500watts
- Max temperature 150degrees
Electric Hot Boxes, Insulated
- Also known as "Holding" or "Proofing" cabinets, stainless steel electric hot boxes are insulated and use electricity to keep food at proper temperatures until served. Best for plated food with plate covers.
Extra Large
- Exterior measures 67"w x 75"h x 32"d with 2 doors
- Interior measures 59"w x 58"h x 22"d
- 3 shelves 16" apart (holds ~ 144 dinner plates w/ covers)
- 12.5amps, 120volts, 1500watts
- Max temperature 190degrees
- Exterior measures 53"w x 69"h x 28"d
- Interior measures 44"w x 57"h x 22"d.
- 3 shelves 16" apart (holds ~ 120 dinner plates w/ covers)
- 14amps, 120volts, 1650watts
- Max temperature 190degrees
- Exterior measures 54"w x 60"h x 28"d
- Interior measures 44"w x 48"h x 22"d.
- 3 shelves 14" apart (holds ~ 96 dinner plates w/ covers)
- 14amps, 120volts, 1650watts
- Max temperature 190degrees

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