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Tent Overview

All tent prices include the cost of setup and teardown during regular delivery times. Additional delivery charges may apply for setup or teardown outside of normal delivery times, for site-specific installations, and/or exceptional locations.


Lasting Impressions offers a variety of tent sizes and styles to accommodate every type of event. Our sales staff will gladly help you choose the style and size of tent to suit your needs. Below are some guidelines to consider.

1.) Size - Maximum seating can be accomplished by using 72" round tables or making long rows of banquet tables. Here are a few space requirements to be used when determining the size of a tent:

Cocktail Party (standing) 5-6 square feet per person
Cocktail Party (some seated) 8 square feet per person
Dinner Seating 10-14 square feet per person
Theater-style Seating 6 square feet per person
Classroom Seating 6-8 square feet per person
Dance Floor Size 2-4 square feet per person
Stage for a band at least 10 square feet per person
Bar 50-100 square feet
Buffet at least 100 square feet

2.) CAD Design - Our sales staff can make a CAD drawing of your event showing seating, buffets, dance floor, etc.

3.) Style - The style of tent used will be based on three factors -- appearance, space restrictions, and installation restrictions.

Pole Tents come in two varieties: High Peak and Traditional Pole Tents.  High Peak offer an open high-peaked dramatic look. Traditional Stake & Pole Tents are the least expensive type of tent and may include quarter poles as well as center poles.  The interior layout of both types must consider the interior poles. Also, Pole Tents must be setup on level ground and must have five additional feet on each side for staking.

Frame Tents can fit into tight spaces because stakes can be placed near the frame. Water barrel weights can sometimes be used where staking is not available. One Frame Tent can be easily attached to another to add room for buffets, bars, and entrance ways.

Track Tents combine the best features of both the Pole Tents and Frame Tents. Track Tents offer high ceilings, have no center poles, and can be fit into tight spaces. Also, Track Tents can be gable-ended to allow maximum height throughout the entire tent; this can be helpful when a stage needs to be put at an end of a tent. The ability to withstand a higher wind load makes this tent ideal for longer installations.

4.) Site Inspections - If necessary, a representative of our tent crew will visit your site to make sure the tent you have chosen can be installed. We look for obstacles which could prevent the proper installation of a tent. A site inspection fee will be collected prior to our visit, and is generally applied towards the tent rental, once a reservation is made.

5.) OUPS - Please call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service to mark all underground utility lines. The utility companies will mark their lines, however it is the land owners responsibility to mark all private lines, including sprinkler systems. There is no requirement to be present when lines are marked. We prefer if the area to be tented is clearly marked with white flags or paint. If you have any questions regarding OUPS marking, please visit their website at



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