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Beyond the Tent

Written by: Mark Cherubini

     Hello everyone, it’s that time of year. It’s time for outdoor weddings, graduation season or any other reason to get together. This is our favorite time of season ITS TENTING SEASON.

    Lasting Impressions has grown into one of the largest tenting companies in the mid-west. We offer a wide variety of tenting from 30 meter clear spans to 100’ wide pole tents to a vast variety of track tents and frame tents. Whether you want to enhance your venue or create your own venue, you can find it here.

 To borrow some terminology from the American Rental Association: Lasting Impressions offers;

Highpeak pole tents: High Peak Pole tents are high tension structures that are known for their curvature and shape while under tension. These tents are available in widths from 30 ft up to 100 ft.

Track tents: Our track tents are available in widths from 20 ft. up to 50 ft. The design of a track tent is similar to the shape of the traditional frame tent but with added frame strength to meet engineering codes. This style of tent has become increasingly popular in the last decade, as they are able to meet building code restrictions imposed by local municipalities.

Frame tents: Our frame tents range from 10’ to 30’ wide and represent a perfect tent for your backyard party or graduation.  Frame tents are ideal for decks, patios, rooftops and parking lots. They are usually a little easier and quicker to install and can add that special something to your yard or venue. These tents come in both frame and high peak structures.

Clearspan structures: This frame tent is also referred to a structure because of the large arches and beams. These tents are typically used in larger or long term events. The vinyl for the tops of these tents can be either white or clear. Lasting Impressions offers clear span tents from 15 meters up to 30 meters wide.

    Whether you want to enhance your venue or create your own venue Lasting Impressions has everything you would need. Please take a look at our website to look at all of the different types of tents we have to offer. We would love to make your event a LASTING IMPRESSION to you and your guests.