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Event Sustainability with Rentals

Written by Brytnni Carpenter, Account Executive

Sustainability has been the center of conversation for a lot of different industries, event rentals being no outlier. It’s no secret that events create a lot of waste and generate a high carbon footprint, but there are ways to limit the environmental impact of events.

According to, “sustainable event planning refers to organizing and managing events with particular attention to their environmental impact.” Planners will look at every aspect of an event from the venue down to the candles used as décor to minimize the environmental impact.

Renting items for events is set to become the norm as sustainability becomes more of a priority for planners. There are countless economic and social benefits when it comes to renting items. By renting, you’re able to save a ton of money on items you may never use again. From specialty linens to unique, eye-catching glasses, renting these items for one-time use will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. You also won’t need to worry about storage or upkeep of these items after the event.

You also have the peace of mind that you’re contributing to the product use-cycle. An item continually being rented out has a lower per-event carbon footprint. We take great care and pride in how we clean and polish our items to ensure its longevity.

Renting also gives you access to thousands of items you may not have considered, giving you a cohesive look through every detail. Some of these items are your traditional looking wedding dishware, but others remain on trend giving you the flexibility to determine your exact look and feel.

If you’re still figuring out what you may need for your next event, give us a call at one of our three locations. Our rental coordinators and account executives can help you get started or put final touches on your vision.