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Finding the Best Event Trends

Written by Bailey McGuire, Sales

Event industry trends are ever changing. Whether considering wedding colors, types of wedding venues, or event styles of tents, furniture, etc., the trends are what often lead planners in a specific direction. Here are five tips on how and where to go to ensure your events are trendy.

Start with a simple Google search. There are two basic searches to get the most information. Start with a specific search. When we begin working on new tables for our showroom or displays for events, our first step is to Google the ‘color trends’ for the year. This helps us decide what product we will showcase in order to match what is trending in the industry. Searching colors before meeting with clients can also prepare us to answer those tough questions about fabric choices and table settings. Next, widen your Google search to encompass all current ‘event trends’. This will populate numerous articles that highlight this year’s trendiest colors, themes, venues, and more. To maximize your research, also try searching terms that peak your interest or describe the basic concept of the event you are planning. Some interesting searches we have found this year are ‘micro weddings’ and ‘interactive event ideas’. 

Another website/app that we find very beneficial is Pinterest. While it does have recipes, hair styles, and quotes, Pinterest also is one of the greatest resources for seeking out the newest event trends. This website allows you to create an account in which you can ‘pin’ images to your different ‘boards’. You can create boards for each upcoming event or each style of event to save all of the photos and articles you like, but keep them organized and easy to reference later. The website also allows you to share your own images. If you recreate something at your event, or create something new, you can share that on pinterest to inspire others for their next event.

Pinterest is just one app of many that can be used for inspiration. Instagram and Facebook are two apps that also allow you to follow members of our industry to get ideas and see how others are integrating trends into their events. Whether it be a personal or business profile, these apps also allow you to post your own ideas that, like Pinterest, can be shared with the public. A benefit with Instagram and Facebook is that they allow tagging those who were involved with the event. If there is a photo of an event with an amazing balloon arrangement, you can see the account who designed it and even message them for their services or for advice if you are in a different location.

Utilize your connections both online and in person for your next event. Whether on LinkedIn or at an industry event, collaborating with your connections is a beneficial way to learn what new trends might be useful in planning your upcoming event(s). LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to post a search for suggestions or ideas, or even message someone directly who has planned unique and trendy events in the past. It is also good to share your feedback once you have used certain ideas to help others for their future events.

Industry events are not only where you can further your education, but where you can learn about the upcoming trends from industry leaders first hand. Having the chance to hear from them, as well as ask questions in real time, can have a real impact on your decisions regarding your upcoming events. Attending industry events, such as conferences or shows, can also help with building your connections, which as mentioned, will definitely keep you in the ‘know’ about the latest trends.

Staying up to date is key to keeping your client(s) and your company happy. Just like the world, the event industry is ever changing and we must adapt and continue to educate ourselves in order to ensure a bright future for events.