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Training – Creating Good Relationships in the Workplace

To some, training is not worth the time and money.  Some may feel they know all they need to know in order to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as needed.  I, for one, believe training provides continued education needed for us to use our minds and body in a proactive way when handling life’s many obstacles.   There is support stating that training will increase job satisfaction and morale among employees, increase employee motivation, increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain, increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods, increase innovation in strategies and products, reduce employee turnover, and enhance the company image.

Embracing the importance of training and its continued benefits, we have adopted a training program here at Lasting Impressions that will not only benefit the employee but will also showcase their talents through the work performed for our customers. By learning the science of human behavior from Aubrey Daniels in addition to leadership training from Authors like John Maxwell, we have embraced the need for training our teams in various subjects, as an ongoing effort to improve our business.

Just a few weeks ago, our team discussed the importance of relationships, ethics, and integrity in our business.  The importance of these three components helps us find the way to live and work ethically as well as achieve greater success in our business.  Relationships are everywhere in our lives.  There is the common thought of relationships between couples but, in order to understand how to react to life’s situations, we have to see everything we interact with as a relationship.  Of course, that leads us to understanding the differences between “Good” or “Bad” relationships. I will save my words when it comes to bad relationships because we ultimately end them. However, “Good” relationships are built around many strong aspects, some being: Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Support, Fairness and Equality, and Good Communication. With all of these aspects being a part of our belief system, then we will build great relationships between employees, employees and management, and most importantly between us and the customers we serve.

We will continue our quest to better ourselves, to improve our work process, and ultimately pass these improvements through to better customer service and superior workmanship for our customers.


written by Ed Gould, Operations Manager of Lasting Impressions – Cleveland