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8 Ways To Set Up An Event Space

Field To Table Event at Franklin Park Conversatory

Written by Ryan Harmon, Sales

There are many options when deciding on how a space should look for your next event. One of the most important decisions to make is which type of setup will be most effective for your event. Here are some common room setups that can help you with choosing the right venue for your next event. 


The cocktail setup utilizes high top or cabaret tables that are scattered throughout the space. Typically, no chairs or stools are utilized. This setup works great for events that want a casual approach and encourage networking amongst the guests.


This is one of the most common setups. This setup works great for galas, weddings, and almost every other seated social event. This setup can utilize either round or rectangular banquet tables.


Chairs are placed directly next to each other forming multiple uniformed rows with all guests facing forward. No tables are utilized in this setup. Similar to how a movie theater is setup, this setup works great for meetings, orientations, and product launches where not much note taking is needed.


Like the name implies, this setup is similar to what would be found at a school or lecture hall. Tables & chairs are setup in repeating straight rows. This setup accomplishes the same thing as the theatre style, but allows guests to have a place to take notes and have space for food & beverage service. This setup works great for trainings, conferences, and meetings.

*A variation of the traditional classroom setup is sometimes referred to as V setup or herringbone setup. This variation is similar to classroom, but the tables are angled forming a V pattern.

U Shape

Just like the name implies, the U shape setup is just that. Tables are set-up in the shape of the letter U with one opening where all guests face inwards. This setup works great for presentations where all eyes can be on the presenter while still offering guests the chance for group interaction and discussion.

*A variation of the U shape setup is the horseshoe. Tables are removed and only chairs are used while being set in a rounded U or horseshoe shape.

Hollow Square

This setup is similar to the U shape setup, but there is no open end. Tables are placed together to form a square/rectangle that is empty/hollow in the middle with all guests facing inwards. This setup works great for discussions with a larger number of guests that the boardroom setup is unable to accommodate.


This setup utilizes a rectangular table where all guests are facing inwards at one singular table. This setup works great for small department meetings, small presentations, or interviews.


Similar to banquet setup, but guests are sitting in an arc shape while facing forward. This setup works great for employee trainings or business meetings.

We hope that these layout suggestions help you decide what you want for your next event. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the best setup for your next event. Depending on the details and how many people are coming, we can help you decide on the best layout and needs for your event.