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Winter 2019 Trends

Written by Grace Marino, Sales

The cold winter months, now in full swing, have many of us feeling blue. But, the rich color trends of the season are just the thing to perk us up! After all, it might be dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean your event has to be. Below are some of the best trends in different styles to upgrade your winter event from beautiful to luxurious.

Neutrals are never not in style. All about the light, airy, and minimal, this color palette is perfect for everything from weddings to baby showers.

The most neutral color to use as a base. It’s also a color that compliments anything well. Used as plates or table linen, you really can’t go wrong.

Black accents, especially black metal, add a touch of elegance without bringing too much darkness into the room. One of the best ways to get this look is with flatware.

Terra Cotta
Vibrant and earthy, this brown-orange color will add a cozy and inviting feel to the space without being over-the-top. For just a pop of color in an otherwise monochrome palette, we suggest napkins or chair sashes for this one.

What says neutral better than concrete? This is the ultimate accent piece. If you don’t have any concrete in your event space, don’t worry! A concrete bowl makes a perfect centerpiece.

Dramatic, mysterious, and extravagant are just some words to describe this style. The eye-catching colors mixed with rich textures makes this one of the most sought after event decors.

More so even than color, texture is important to bring this look to life. Velvet exudes warmth and interest, adding dimension to any table when used as a tablecloth.

When you think glam, you think gold. And it’s not going anywhere this year. Gold is extremely versatile and always elegant. Different shades can play off different colors in unexpected ways. The best ways to make use of this trend are with chargers, flatware, and centerpieces — although the possibilities are endless!

A bold color, navy makes a dramatic statement. Navy is everywhere this winter, from store displays to runways and even paired with burgundy and gold for weddings. This color performs well as a velvet tablecloth. To add an even more dramatic flair, use it as a velvet backdrop!

Forest Green
If navy is not your color, that’s okay too. Forest green is another rich color making a statement this year. This color is beautiful in taffeta and pairs beautifully with satin gold napkins.

The rustic look has increasingly gained popularity in the past few years. Especially popular in the fall and winter seasons, it features natural textures and simplistic elements.

Garland/Pine Accents
Winter doesn’t feel quite right in Ohio, if there isn’t snow covering our evergreens outside. But event without the snow, bring some of that winter inside with a pine garland! Whether it’s as a runner on a farm table at a holiday meal, or sprigs on a place setting to add festivity, pine is a simple way to add a natural element.

Classic white dishware is a simple way to make sure your natural elements stand out. Other variations of white accents can help tie the room together, including napkins and table sashes.

The quintessential element to a rustic look. Whether it’s stained or natural, birch, or pine is important to this look. A pine farm table or wood chargers are an easy way to add a touch of wood to any event.

To include a splash of color, sage is a perfect option this year. Napkins, accent dishes, or decor pieces are the perfect way to implement this color. 

For more ideas on the latest trends in event styling, stop by one of our showrooms or even our Pinterest page. We would love to help create an event that will leave your guests talking until Spring!