A Twist on Traditional Holiday Decor + Holiday Party Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and for many that means hosting family & friends for dinner and festive get-togethers. For most, the mainstay for holiday décor seems to be berry reds and forest greens, but if you want to put a little twist on the traditional don’t be afraid to step out of the box and incorporate pops of color.

Replace reds and greens with fuchsias, royal blues and plums. Colors that are rich in hue, accent well with candles and ambient lighting and allow simple white china to create a visual pop that is not only aesthetically pleasing but inviting for your guests. Silvers, golds and coppers are great accents to any tablescape as well. Incorporate them by using chargers, flatware, napkins and décor items. Don’t be afraid to also use metallics and sequins in your design.

Not only are these colors great for the holidays, but they are also on trend for 2018 and can be used to enhance a variety of events throughout the year.

Not ready to take the leap and stray from the traditional holiday color palette? Consider a texture change instead. Using a satin linen or textured linen, like pintuck or crinkle, can add a visual element to your table while still being functional and impactful.

In addition to the above design ideas, here are five tips to make sure your holiday party is a success!

  1. Pick a simple menu and cook ahead – choosing menu items that can be prepared ahead of time and served at room temperature or are easy to reheat will alleviate a lot of stress and allow you to mingle with and enjoy the company of your guests.
  2. Create a week of and day of to-do list – creating a week of list that includes items that need to be purchased and tasks to be completed the week of the party & creating a day of to-do list will help keep you on track, allow for last-minute emergencies, and time for you to get ready.
  3. Create a serve yourself bar – create a bar stocked with your choice of alcohol, mixers, glassware, ice, beverage napkins, garnishes and bottle opener in a centralized spot that has easy access for your guests to serve themselves. Make sure to include a selection of nonalcoholic beverages as well.
  4. Create an ear pleasing playlist – music is an important component to any party often setting the mood or tone for your guests. When creating a playlist, consider what guests will be doing as the music plays; welcoming guests and mingling should have a different tempo than when guests are seated for dinner. Make sure your playlist is not just holiday music; mix in some top 40 and some classic songs from decades past that you enjoy.

Set the mood – dimming the lights and lighting as many candles as possible in varied heights and styles creates an instant ambiance and allure. Consider using a mix of unscented votives and pillars and swapping out cool light bulbs with warm bulbs in your light fixtures.

Blog written by Ryan Harmon, Lasting Impressions Cleveland Sales