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Staging Goes to New Heights at Kings Island WinterFest



As a company that takes pride in having solutions to the many challenges the event industry needs solutions to, Lasting Impressions has provided two different stage systems for almost two decades.  If every stage is on a flat gym floor and budgeting and time parameters are ample, only one stage is necessary.  However, every stage job has its specific needs and each stage system we have carried has its advantages and limitations.  Our new stage system, which is replacing our older stage systems, combines the advantages of each and eliminates the limitations the older styles had.

Our most rented stage is called platform staging.  It comes primarily in 4×4 sections with a steel frame and plywood top.  The biggest advantage of this stage is that it is adjustable.  The legs for this stage can be adjusted by the inch and have a foot that is attached which can be adjusted to the fraction of an inch.  This gives you the ability to level a stage on uneven surfaces.  It can also be built to higher levels by bracing the legs.  It also comes with steps in many heights which attach to the staging.  We carry accessories for this staging including railing and accent pieces in 4×2 triangles, 2×2 sections and ramps.  The limitation to this stage is that the tops cannot be kept in nice condition and require carpeting for any nicer event.

The other stage we have rented is Wenger staging.  It comes in 4×8 sections with an aluminum frame and rubberized top.  This top is very hard and holds up to wear, keeping the tops nice and eliminating the need for carpet.  The biggest limitation is the fact that the height cannot be adjusted; meaning the surface it is installed on must be flat.  While we carry standard 16″ and 24″ legs, there are no other options.  We also do not carry any accessories for the Wenger staging, such as ramps, steps and railing.

The new stage is called Multi stage.  It comes in 4×8 and 4×4 sections with aluminum frame and rubberized top, requiring no carpeting.  It has the adjustability of the platform staging and comes with all the same accessories.   Our customers benefit because we can afford to carry a much larger inventory of one product that meets all needs.

The first use of the Multi stage is at Kings Island for WinterFest which runs through December 30th on select nights.  WinterFest at Kings Island transforms one of the largest amusement parks in the country into a winter wonderland.  The Royal Fountain is now an enchanting ice skating rink.  Seventeen rides are open and the park is decorated for the season, including the Eiffel Tower being decorated as a giant Christmas tree.  Our staging is being used to extend and cover the built-in stage at the end of the Royal Fountain.

Multi staging is the correct stage for this event.  The stage needed to go on top of a numerous level built-in stage, in three sections, each 18″ lower than the last, requiring a lot of leg heights and complete adjustability.  It also needed railing, special wing sections and steps across the entire front, not to mention a space for several large Christmas trees in the middle of the stage.  It also needed to be something performers could dance on and hold up to wear of many performances.

Our crew of four spent two days leveling each section and attaching bracing to the leg sections over 30″ tall to bring strength and stability to the completed stage.  Each section was than bolted together at the legs and railing was attached.  The space for the Christmas trees was made by removing tops from the stage frames.  The result is exactly what Kings Island envisioned.  It is certainly rewarding to see the performers in full holiday costume performing on our new stage.

This new staging will be perfect for a tented wedding requiring staging for a band or even head tables.  It will also be the perfect stage for performers that need a solid surface and no carpeting would ever be needed to make the stage look finished.  Of course, carpeting can be added by simply using two-sided carpet tape as we use whenever we provide carpet for an event.  Multi stage simply is the best staging product we could ask for.

Blog written by JP Fritz, Lasting Impressions President