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Great Accessories when Renting Tents

Written by JP Fritz

Spring showers mean the weather is warming up and the events Lasting Impressions handles move outside. Our crews need to deal with the headache of rain and the mess it can cause to an outdoor event.  It also means we get to rent a bunch of stuff created just for the outdoors.

The first, and most obvious, thing people expect from us is tent rental. While we can put tents up in any weather, warmer weather means a lot more tenting. One style of tent that only goes up in warmer weather is our Stillwater tent. Designed for use on beaches on the East Coast, their tops are a translucent material, have rounded ends to create an oval shape, and use faux wood center poles. We carry these gorgeous tents in 32, 44, and 57 foot wide sizes.

We also rent some special accessories for our tents during the summer. First, we provide 18” aluminum tent fans that attach to frame tents and/or structures. By angling the fans all around a tent, they increase the airflow to make the tent much more comfortable in warmer temperatures. We also purchased portable evaporating cooling fans this spring which can cool approximately 1350 square feet by 10-25 degrees. 

While we have rented lounge furniture for years, we added two new lines of outdoor furniture to rent for our inventory this year. The first is our Miami series, made from hard white plastic that comes with an optional steel colored cushion. The series includes sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and even an outdoor bar that lights up with LEDs. We have created special package pricing as listed below. Our other new series is our INOUT grouping of outdoor vinyl covered ottomans. They include ottomans in 36” pentagons, 36” rounds, and 18” rounds. The covers are removable so there are many colors that are possible.

Our latest purchase for the chair rental side is the Alto chair. It is a hard, white resin chair that stacks. It is sleek, modern, and perfect for outdoor events. We also have a large quantity of aluminum chairs in both white and blacking folding chairs, all of which do not rust!

Below are specials we will run from now through the end of July. Get these great prices for orders placed before July 31st, 2019!

  • Miami Package-2 chairs, a sofa and coffee table, with pads $175
  • INOUT Package-rent 4 or more pentagons or 36” rounds and get them for $100 each
  • Save 10% on Stillwater tents all sizes
  • Portable evaporating cooling fans 3 or more $150 each, saving $100 per fan
  • Alto chair $7.50 each, save 20% or $6 each
  • Rubbermaid horse troughs 51” x 31” x 12” T save 10%