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Tented Weddings

Written by: Kristen Brill

As a full service tent and rental company, one thing we do a lot of is tented backyard weddings. A tented wedding is a beautiful alternative to having a wedding at an indoor venue. It allows you to truly customize the size of your reception space, floorplan and all of the details since you are not expected to use certain vendors. However, there are certain things to consider when having a tented backyard wedding that will affect the overall cost.

Guest Count and Wedding Flow

When getting a tent for a reception, it’s important to know your max guest count and how you envision the setup for the reception.

  • How will all of those guests be seated? Round tables or long farm style?
  • Are you doing a seated or buffet dinner?
  • How many bars?
  • Do you need a dancefloor?
  • Do you need space for either a dj or live band?
  • Don’t forget room for a cake/dessert table, escort card table, gifts, coffee station, appetizer station, photobooth or anything else you’d like in there.
  • Do you want lounge areas with added seating?

All of these details will help your tent vendor determine the best size that you need for your wedding, which will be the biggest factor in determining the cost of the tent.

Site of the Wedding

Another factor that helps determine the size of your tent and can affect your cost is the location of the tent.

  • How large is the space?
  • Is it on grass or over a driveway?
  • Is the ground level or uneven?

Our tent experts will conduct a site visit to make sure your tent will fit in the space and make sure that there are no obstacles in the way that could affect how it’s anchored. If there is unevenness to the site, they may recommend some flooring options to make sure there are no tripping hazards in the tent.

Ohio Weather….Need I say more?

We all know that living in Ohio means that the weather is often times unpredictable. So another tent item to consider is sidewall. We recommend adding it at the time of gathering your quote as it will add on to the cost of your tent.   But trust us, you’ll be so glad you have it should that random rainstorm pop up as the toasts are beginning.

If the site gets on the soggier side after it rains, another thing to consider is adding a floor. Flooring often times will more than double the cost of tent, but will give you an even surface that won’t turn into mud should it be a rainy weekend.

Depending on the time of year of the wedding, another thing to think about is tent heating/cooling. You want your guests to be comfortable and your tent vendor can help determine what options are best for your tent.

Electrical & Plumbing

Just like indoor venues, tents need lighting and bathrooms and both of those need a powersource. Our tent experts can recommend lighting options to fit your need and budget and make recommendations for restroom trailer and generator vendors.

All of the things

When having a tented wedding, you are basically building a venue from scratch. This means that you need all of the normal things that an indoor venue provides. Other rentals to consider:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Bars
  • Dancefloor
  • Linens/Napkins
  • China
  • Glassware
  • Flatware
  • Buffet equipment
  • Staging for band
  • Garbage cans
  • Drape backdrops

Tented backyard weddings are gorgeous, intimate and fully customizable. There are so many factors to that determine overall price since you are basically building a venue from scratch. Our knowledgeable experts can guide you through this process with ease and help build the wedding of your dreams!