pritchard wedding

A backyard is a perfect area to be transformed into an elegant wedding venue.  Many tents were used to combine for various functions such as the main event, lounges, bars, catering prep and restrooms.  The main Clearspan tent has a liner which gives a polished finish to the ceiling.  One end of this tent was on a raised floor to level the tent.  The use of square and round guest tables adds interest, while the black sashes on the chairs add classic elegance.  The 2-sided head table used 4×8 tables and allowed the decorators plenty of space for impressive centerpieces.  The look of the main tent is completed with timeless black and white flooring, black and white 123 lounge furniture, crystal chandeliers, black carpeting and entrance doors.  This wedding also had a separate Track tent for a lounge area for guests, allowing them a completely different look from the main tent.

This event was planned by Kingham Signture Events and lighting was done by Barha Lights.

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