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Holiday Tree Napkins How To

by Grace Marino, Inside Sales at Lasting Impressions Event Rental 

These holiday tree napkins are not only an adorable addition to any place setting,
they are fun and easy to make!

Step 1- Lay your napkin on a flat surface wrong side up.

Step 2- Fold your napkin in half.

Step 3- Fold the napkin in half again as shown. You should now have a smaller square.

Step 4- Position the napkin so the open-end points toward you.
Fold the top layer up, leaving a gap between the edges.

Step 5- Continue step 4 with every new layer, continuing to leave gaps between each.

Step 6- Carefully flip the napkin over, turning the point toward you.

Step 7- Take the right point and bring it diagonally toward the left edge,
creating a point along the top edge.

Step 8- Repeat step 7 with the left point, making sure to keep the top point intact.

Step 9- Carefully flip the napkin over, this will be front of the holiday tree.

Step 10- Fold the top layer up, forming the top of the tree.

Step 11- Fold the second layer up, tucking it under the layer above.

Step 12- Continue with step 11 until all layers have been folded.
Congratulations, you’re done!

You can place these on your plate, or paperclip the middle two layers and
stand them up to decorate. Have fun!

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